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If you access this site on a PC or Wi-Fi it is free.
If you access this site on a smartphone using your data plan and not wi-fi it will cost you!
Ask an adult if you are unsure.
The site is completley enclosed (stand-alone) - there are no external links.
No information is collected or kept, apart from information needed for tracking visitor numbers.
This site is written simple HTML and uses javascript - no external libraries are used.
It works without flash™ and so works on all Apple™ devices.
It works on all Android™ devices.
It works on all modern internet browsers.
Designed for use on tablets.
If you want to use it on a PC use [F11] to maximise and minimise the playing window.
This site is written in stand-alone javascript and HTML found for free on the internet.
The specific code was strung together by Ken Youinou B.Ed. (Hons) (QTS).
The code for the site is mine and although you can see, steal or borrow it, please don't.
I hope you like it. Ken

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